Why Tiba?

Why Tibascape?

Comprehensive discounts, exclusive offers, free admission and parking, Tibascape is your gateway to limitless investment opportunities and owning your dream. The concept of Tibascape is meant to offer utmost benefits to its visitors and exhibitors by studying the exact needs of both, based on real facts and complete analysis. Tibascape is also the first exhibition that brings the Egyptian Real Estate market to Canada that is investor and developer oriented.


Power of Tibascape

Tibascape is the first exhibition of its kind around North America, Canada, introducing a new and unique concept aiming to bring together high-profile Egyptian Real Estate developers to provide great offers and convenient payment terms that satisfy customer desires. It is also organized by brilliant and professional minds with the necessary expertise who have implemented solutions offered only through Tibascape as follows:

  • On-site credit card payment to secure your expression of interest (EOI) in any of the properties you desire

  • Providing customer relation management tools (CRM) to sustain the purchasing process post exhibition

  • Professional and specialized support team to answer all inquiries and provide comprehensive solutions


Tibascape Exhibition benefits

  • Choose your unit from over 30 Egyptian Real Estate projects
  • Special discounts on cash payments
  • Special deals on all payment plans and installments
  • Free parking
  • Free admission
  • Post exhibition follow up sales event
  • Save the commission
  • Purchase directly from the builder
  • No third party


Tibascape offers an unparalleled experience for Real Estate developers, potential buyers and investors to gather in one place and explore countless investment opportunities in Egypt, having more than one alternative to choose what meets their needs and preferences. Tibascape also allows developers to showcase their latest projects and enhance the sales process by approaching foreign and different markets as well as focusing on satisfying its visitors and introducing a brand-new concept that brings the dynamic Egyptian Real Estate market to North America, Canada. Tibascape, own your dream!


Looking for an ultimate investment experience? Tibascape awaits you!


Looking for an ultimate investment experience? Tibascape awaits you!

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